You can’t understand humanistic business management unless you understand what humanism is. This book provides a short introduction to the philosophy of humanism and discusses how and why it is being applied to business and why it is so effective when you do so. Humanism helps us prioritize human value as important. It supports positive interpersonal relationships and collaborative and respectful decision-making. Since all businesses are in the business of solving problems, good problem solving is essential to good business.

Humanism has already transformed many other disciplines including psychology, medicine, nursing, and more. Additionally, humanism is foundational to the practice of human resources, without which businesses cannot operate. It is important for business managers to understand the philosophy fully so they can understand how to not only manage people more effectively, but how to operate their businesses in a way that helps the communities in which they operate. This book will provide the primer they need to create more effective and ethical businesses.

Author: Jennifer Hancock, founder of Humanist Learning Systems and board member for the International Humanistic Management Association USA Chapter

Editor: David M. Wasieleski, Professor of Management & Business Ethics in the Palumbo Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University and member of the leadership team for the International Humanistic Management Association.

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Jennifer Hancock

About Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock, is the founder of Humanist Learning Systems, a USA Chapter board member for the International Humanistic Management Association and a board member for the Center for Freethought Equality. Learn how she can help you and how you can book her time.

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