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Unlock the power of human-centered leadership with ‘Applied Humanism’ by Jennifer Hancock. This innovative book is a must-read for business consultants and leadership coaches looking to bring a new level of compassion, empathy, and authenticity to their clients. With cutting-edge insights and practical strategies, ‘Applied Humanism’ empowers you to create a more positive, productive, and fulfilling work environment. Transform your clients’ businesses by incorporating the principles of Humanism today! Check out the additional resources available below.

Help Your Clients Become Better Humanistic Managers

The book is primarily about philosophy and can help you set a philosophic lens through which to consider your course material.

If you have read the book and want to teach the concepts in it to your clients, this page will help you. People who have used this in their work report that it helps them change the conversations and helps their clients get comfortable considering the ethical implications of their decisions.

Introduction to the philosophy of Humanism (Philosophy)

Applying Humanism to the Business of Business (Integrating Ethics into Decision Making and Interpersonal Relationships)

Problem Solving Like a Humanist (Strategy and Decision Making)

Case Studies – Applying Humanist methodology to problems liked Diversity & Inclusion and Harassment problems in the workplace.

Teacher Notes and Resources

Author Jennifer Hancock has created resources to help educators, coaches and consultants use the book with their clients.

The 3 big ideas presented in the book are:

  • Ethical Philosophy Matters in Business Because Humans Matter to Businesses
  • Integrating Ethics into Decision Making Creates More Effective Solutions
  • Solving Problems Humanistically Leads to Better Outcomes for Everyone

The Teachers Notes Include:

  • An overview of the book
  • Highlights of the 3 biggest ideas presented in the book
  • Sample Discussion questions
  • Links to videos by Ms. Hancock discussing the big ideas of the book.
  • Sample assessment questions you can use either to spur discussion or as a way to have students respond to case studies you are using in the course, using a Humanistic management lens.

Tools and Worksheets:

Ms. Hancock has also provided 3 worksheets you can use with your clients to apply humanism to their organization and their decision making processes.  These worksheets include:

  • Ethics Matter: Applying Your Values Tool
  • Integrating Ethics into Decision Making Tool
  • A Reality Based Problem Solving Matrix.

Next Steps…

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