What sort of impact does Jennifer have on people? Check out this post from Nikhil Dey, president of Genesis Burson-Marsteller who saw Jennifer speak in India:

What you said stayed with me Jennifer can’t thank you enough.

Nikhel Dey

I had the opportunity to know more about Jennifer when she visited New Delh, India to deliver a talk at HyWe, the HappY Workplace conclave in Feb 2018. True to her image, I found her extremely passionate and committed to the cause of humanity. As an ardent advocate of making this world a better place, she does not hesitate to speak her mind and take a stand when the situation demands. Her talk at the conclave in India was well appreciated. Jennifer spoke her mind and won accolades for her simple but powerful thoughts. For me, she remains a genuine friend. I wish her success and happiness in her future endeavors.

Mukund Trivedy

I have had the pleasure of being in the audience at several occasions when Jennifer Hancock has given presentations. She is a dynamic speaker whose passion for her subjects and knack for connecting the dots in complex matters captivates her listeners. One walks away from such events a good deal better informed and always inspired

Torben Riise

Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock is a mom, author of The Bully Vaccine, and founder of Humanist Learning Systems. Jennifer is unique in that she was raised as a freethinker and is considered one of the top speakers and writers in the world of Humanism today. Her professional background is varied including stints in both the for profit and non-profit sectors. She has served as Director of Volunteer Services for the Los Angeles SPCA, sold international franchise licenses for a biotech firm, was the Manager of Acquisition Group Information for a ½ billion dollar company and served as the executive director for the Humanists of Florida. When she became a mother, she decided to stay at home. But that didn’t last long. Shortly after her son was born, she published her first book, The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom. Her speaking and teaching business coalesced into the founding of Humanist Learning Systems which provides online personal and professional development training in humanistic business management and science based harassment training that actually works.

Jennifer was a wonderful guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio’s “Whole Living” program. She has a great sense of humor and shared a lot of good insight on a segment all about how to teach your children good ethics. She can relate to any audience and roll with the flow of a host. I am confident she would be a great speaker for any topic of her interest, especially related to lifestyle and family.

Lauren Gould

I enjoyed your presentation, and appreciated that I left with as many take-aways for my personal life as for my professional life. Thank you!

L. Yeatts

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